Global India Policy Paper #10

Recognising climate co-benefits : case of Rajkot city

Tanvi V Deshpande
Heidelberg University
Executive Summary

Given the rapid urbanisation trend, cities, especially those in the global South which are highly vulnerable, need to take measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change. A global challenge like climate change has to be dealt with at multiple levels, especially at the local level.

The current policy brief aims to highlight the approaches employed by an Indian city in terms of climate action against water scarcity. This can serve as a blueprint for other cities to pursue climate action across multiple sectors including water.

Acknowledging climate co-benefits[1] associated with existing developmental measures can help cities take a step towards addressing a complex challenge like climate change.

[1] Local developmental priorities and sectoral policies simultaneously address climate concerns.

Policy Paper #10 Tanvi Deshanpande