Welcome to Global India

A European Training Network that will create the knowledge and expertise required for the EU’s engagement with the new global India.

Who We Are

Global India is a Horizon 2020 funded European Training Network. The network is based in Dublin City University. The network is composed of 6 different EU Universities and has 9 partners in India. The PhD fellows selected will be partnered with European Universities for their PhDs and will have to spend a semester in our Indian University or NGO partners as part of their secondment.

What We Do

The ETN strategy is to provide an integrated training programme that develops research skills along with complementary skills associated with an awareness of the needs of potential non-academic employers and the capacity to translate information and analysis into a variety of forms to suit the needs of a range of recipients.

Recent Blog Posts

Global India is an EU Network Project run under the patronage of the Ireland India Institute in Dublin City University.

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Congrats to another successful @GlobalIndiaETN colleague defending his thesis yesterday! twitter.com/Anish_Tiwari/s…

Successfully defended my thesis today. A big thanks to my examiners Prof @ericclinton64 & Prof @jcstrategy for an enriching discussion.

To my lovely supervisors, colleagues, family, friends and most importantly to India & her entrepreneurs. Amen.

Another @GlobalIndiaETN scholar successfully defended her thesis today - congratulations @rachnash twitter.com/NarangTapasya/…

Congratulations @rachnash Dr Rachna Shanbog for your brilliant performance today. What a privilege to your witnessed your amazing journey. @LawGovDCU @DCU @GlobalIndiaETN @DCUIndia @JivantaSchottli @galwaygrrl @waltkilroy